The Planet Pre school proposes to nurture young minds with nature as their learning environment. It aims to embrace natural surroundings and discover the joy of learning.


We are looking from professionals with Pre-school and Kinder-garten experience. You have the golden chance to add to this special initiative and contribute with your passion towards education, environment and kids. Your  effort could infuse responsible citizenship among little children making the world a better place to stay.


Pre-school teachers required

Eligibility: Master's degree (preferably in Science) with Bachelor’s degree in Science.   

Qualification, experience and training in Early Childhood Education and Development, Child Psychology or relevant pre-school teaching experience would be preferred.  

To apply: please fill out the online form here.


Summer Internship 2018 - The Planet Pre school

Duration: min 1 month


Eligibility:Master's degree in Science preferably in Child Care Development/Psychology OR Minimum 2 years pre-school experience.


Apply here, You may write to (link sends e-mail) for further details.